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The jsoc.export* series are used to manage data export requests submitted via or the supporting cgi programs described

jsoc.export_new contains new requests.  Status=2 until they are noticed by
   the export manager.  If Status=4, an error occured in the inital scan of the
   request and no further processing will occur.  If Status=1, the request
   has been accepted by the export_manager and subsequent status information
   will be maintained only in jsoc.export.

jsoc_export contains requests that are in process or have been completed.  If status=0
   the request was completed without errors.  The "Data" segment contains the results
   of the export request for at least seven days.  If Status=1 the request is still
   being processed.  If status > 1, some anomalous condition has been detcted and no
   further processing will occur for this request.

jsoc.export_user is not accessible via the web.