Solar Events with SDO HMI and/or AIA Coverage via JSOC

This page contains information and links concerning unusual solar events for which there is special JSOC coverage.

Comet Lovejoy - 16 Dec 2011

Today a comet is expected to cross behind the east limb of the Sun at about 00h22m UT. HMI may be able to just see it in a few pixels.
A closeup cutout movie can be found here: mp4 version and mpg version.
Note that the image of the Sun will jump around a bit since the normal limb finding software does not work when SDO is pointed a bit away from the Sun. We hope to see the comet just before it goes behind the Sun, but it may be washed out by the little scattered light just off the limb. The HMI image cutouts here have the full HMI resolution. So far as we can tell, HMI did not see the comet, which is not surprising. The comet has little reflected light compared to the solar disk - which HMI is tuned to observe.

AIA saw comet going in and coming out.
A closeup cutout movie going in can be found here: mp4 version and mpg version.
And, emerging later: mp4 version and mpg version.

These movies show the Sun and part of the corona where the comet was be visible. The ingoing images are 2000 by 1000 pixels from the AIA 171 filter, reduced to 1000x500 when making the jpeg files. The outgoing images are 1000 by 1000 pixels reduced to 500x500.

The files are at

The NASA SDO office is gathering information about the Comet at HERE

Transit of Venus - 5 June 2012

The data from HMI and AIA that were prepared during the Venus transit are available at for the overview page and at for all the images and fits files used to generate the images. These data files are also all available directly at The transit data is described at

Comet ISON 28 November 2013

The data from HMI and AIA that were prepared during the comet ISON perihelion passage are available in the data series aia.lev1_nrt2_ISON and hmi.lev1_nrt_ISON. The FITS files can be accessed via

Images made from this data for AIA can be found at:

Images for HMI can be found at

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