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ActiveWidgets 2.5.6 - Developer License.

What's inside

ActiveWidgets 2.5 is a UI component library which is implemented in javascript and runs inside the web browser. ActiveWidgets controls generate html on the client-side and can communicate with the server asynchronously using XMLHTTPRequest object (AJAX-style).

ActiveWidgets library includes powerful datagrid control, collection of the standard form elements, data formatting and validation classes and simple XMLHTTPRequest wrapper.

What's new

Version 2.5.6 adds support for IE 9 (and IE 10 preview 1), Firefox 4, Safari 5, Chrome 10, Opera 11.

ActiveWidgets 2.5 includes major improvements in browser support, performance, visual themes, API and end-user functionality.

The new version works in all major browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Chrome on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

The new implementation of the 'virtual scrolling' in the grid control allows 2x-3x faster initialization and scrolling. The performance improvements are especially noticeable in grids with the large number of columns (50-100) as the grid now renders only the cells in the visible area instead of the full row.

ActiveWidgets 2.5 also adds two new visual themes - 'vista' and 'system'. The 'system' theme combines vista, xp, aqua and classic themes into one package so that the theme appearance matches the current user operating system.

The grid control now supports copy/paste operations, has new navigation/selection api, allows using text indices for better handling of JSON datasets and many other improvements.


Visual themes -

Datagrid -

See all examples here.

Where to start

Have a look at the source code of the files inside /examples/quickref/ folder and other examples.

The reference documentation and tutorial/examples are available at the ActiveWidgets website.


Just copy /runtime folder to your webserver.

Debugging and Source Code

ActiveWidgets library is provided both in compressed format (/runtime folder) and in full source code form (/source folder).

You can use full source version for debugging your code - change references to aw.js and aw.css files from /runtime to /source folder.

Full source code is not available in the free trial version.

Support Forum

The best place to find more information about the grid library is ActiveWidgets support forum. You may find that someone already had a similar problem and found a solution and we would be very grateful if you share your own experience with us and other developers.

Thank you very much!

ActiveWidgets developers.

ActiveWidgets 2.5.6

Released: Apr 14, 2011

Developer License

Browser versions

ActiveWidgets 2.5.6 is compatible with the following browsers:

Also works with: