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Compute solar limb darkening and remove. More...

Collaboration diagram for Analysis:
   hmi_limbdark - emoves limb darkening.
   Input is expected to be hmi (or drms mdi) brightness image data with.
   Output is the residual image after removing limb-darkening with
   a polynomial fit.  The fit order defaults to 2.  The limb-darkening
   profile comes from Tech Note SOI_TN_095 but the values in use here are from
   an average of several runs with the -f flag set.
   Modified from MDI DSDS program fitlimbdark.
   Default is to rotate to solar north up, and center to nearest pixel.

   Fit formula comes from Pierce, A.K. and C. Slaughter, "Solar Limb Darkening", Solar Physics 51, 25-41, 1977.
   Parameters are:
     in         input recordset, expected to be an Ic product
     out        output seriesname
     f          FLAG: Compute limb-darkening fit parameters.
     l          FLAG: non-zero supresses limb darkening removal
     c          FLAG: Do not center or rotate from input data orientation
     r          FLAG: non-zero performs REVERSE limb darkening removal
     n          FLAG: normalize output by dividing by image mean
                      i.e. puts limb darkening back in
     croplimit   float crop limit for removing limb darkening, default 1.0
     requestid  optional string
   hmi_fitlimbdark  in=input data out=output data

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