jmtx - Do an mtx command under SUMS

This is a stand alone program that talks to tape_svc to execute mtx load, unload and status commands via SUMS, so that SUMS remains aware where all the tapes are. More...

jmtx -f /dev/t950 status|load|unload [slot#] [drive#]

You must be user production to run.
The "-f /dev/t950" is vestigial from the mtx command. The jmtx will 
talk to its configured tape_svc which determines the device. It is left
in to be symetric with the mtx command and to show the users intention.
jmtx will still work with drives that have been taken offline via e.g.
driveonoff off 10
If you're going to work with some drive, it is usually best to take it offline first, so that you and SUMS don't interleave your use of it.
The jmtx commands show up in the tape_svc_XX.log files like so:
*Rb:cmd: mtx -f /dev/t950 load 514 11 1> /tmp/mtx/mtx_robot_104.log 2>&1


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