sum_adv - advise if sum_svc has an active user

This will query the sum_svc to determine if any user is still active, i.e. has done a SUM_open() but not a SUM_close(). This is normally used by the sum_stop script to determine if the sum_svc can be shut down safely. Prints out 0 if a user is still opened in SUMS and you should wait for it to close before you shut down SUMS. Else prints 1. Normal call will turn off new SUM_open() calls in sum_svc. Call with -q to not turn off new SUM_open() or to reenable if already turned off. More...

sum_adv [-h] [-q]

-h: print out help message
-q: do not disable new SUM_open() calls, or re-enable if already turned off.
Calls the SUMS API function SUM_shutdown(), which calls sum_svc and
receives a 0 or 1 answer back. The sum_stop_d02 calls sum_adv in order to
advise the caller if the SUMS can be safely taken down.
If you call sum_adv from the command line you will disable new SUM_open()
calls. If you do this, call:
sum_adv -q
to re-enable.

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