base/libs/qdecoder/qDatabase.c File Reference

#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <stdbool.h>
#include <stdarg.h>
#include <string.h>
#include "qDecoder.h"
#include "qInternal.h"

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bool qDbBeginTran (Q_DB *db)
bool qDbClose (Q_DB *db)
bool qDbCommit (Q_DB *db)
bool qDbEndTran (Q_DB *db, bool commit)
Q_DBRESULTqDbExecuteQuery (Q_DB *db, const char *query)
Q_DBRESULTqDbExecuteQueryf (Q_DB *db, const char *format,...)
int qDbExecuteUpdate (Q_DB *db, const char *query)
int qDbExecuteUpdatef (Q_DB *db, const char *format,...)
bool qDbFree (Q_DB *db)
int qDbGetCols (Q_DBRESULT *result)
const char * qDbGetError (Q_DB *db, unsigned int *errorno)
int qDbGetInt (Q_DBRESULT *result, const char *field)
int qDbGetIntAt (Q_DBRESULT *result, int idx)
bool qDbGetLastConnStatus (Q_DB *db)
int qDbGetRow (Q_DBRESULT *result)
int qDbGetRows (Q_DBRESULT *result)
const char * qDbGetStr (Q_DBRESULT *result, const char *field)
const char * qDbGetStrAt (Q_DBRESULT *result, int idx)
Q_DBqDbInit (const char *dbtype, const char *addr, int port, const char *username, const char *password, const char *database, bool autocommit)
bool qDbOpen (Q_DB *db)
bool qDbPing (Q_DB *db)
bool qDbResultFree (Q_DBRESULT *result)
bool qDbResultNext (Q_DBRESULT *result)
bool qDbRollback (Q_DB *db)
bool qDbSetFetchType (Q_DB *db, bool use)

Detailed Description

Database Independent Wrapper API

To use this API, you must include database header file before including qDecoder.h in your source code like below. And please remember that qDecoder must be compiled with ENABLE_MYSQL or ENABLE_SOME_DATABASE option.
   [include order at your source codes]
   #include "mysql.h"
   #include "qDecoder.h"

Not documented yet, please refer below sample codes.

   Q_DB *db = NULL;
   Q_DBRESULT *result = NULL;

   db = qDbInit("MYSQL", "", 3306, "test", "secret", "sampledb", true);
   if (db == NULL) {
     printf("ERROR: Not supported database type.\n");
     return -1;

   // try to connect
   if (qDbOpen(db) == false) {
     printf("WARNING: Can't connect to database.\n");
     return -1;

   // get results
   result = qDbExecuteQuery(db, "SELECT name, population FROM City");
   if (result != NULL) {
     printf("COLS : %d , ROWS : %d\n", qDbGetCols(result), qDbGetRows(result));
     while (qDbResultNext(result) == true) {
       char *pszName = qDbGetValue(result, "name");
       int   nPopulation = qDbGetInt(result, "population");
       printf("Country : %s , Population : %d\n", pszName, nPopulation);

   // close connection

   // free db object

Definition in file qDatabase.c.

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