DRMS_Env_struct Struct Reference

DRMS environment struct. More...

#include <drms_types.h>

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Data Fields

int archive
LinkedList_t * cleaners
int clientcounter
pthread_mutex_t * clientlock
int createshadows
char * dbpasswd
int dbtimeout
int dbutf8clientencoding
int dolog
pthread_mutex_t * drms_lock
const char * logfile_prefix
int loopconn
pthread_t main_thread
int16_t newsuretention
sigset_t old_signal_mask
int query_mem
int quiet
HContainer_t record_cache
int16_t retention
int selfstart
HContainer_t series_cache
int server_wait
int sessionrunning
sigset_t signal_mask
pthread_t signal_thread
HContainer_t storageunit_cache
tqueue_t * sum_inbox
tqueue_t * sum_outbox
long sum_tag
pthread_t sum_thread
int sumssafe
pid_t tee_pid
DS_node_t * templist
int transinit
int transrunning
char * user
int verbose

Detailed Description

DRMS environment struct.


Definition at line 340 of file drms_types.h.

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