DRMS_SegmentInfo_struct Struct Reference

DRMS segment info struct. More...

#include <drms_types.h>

Data Fields

long long cseg_recnum
 Record number where constant segment is stored.
char description [DRMS_MAXCOMMENTLEN]
 Description string.
int islink
 Non-0 if segment inherited.
 Link to inherit from.
 Segment name.
int naxis
 Number of dimensions (rank).
DRMS_Protocol_t protocol
 Storage protocol.
DRMS_Segment_Scope_t scope
 Const, Varies, or DimsVary.
int segnum
 Segment number in record.
char target_seg [DRMS_MAXSEGNAMELEN]
 Segment to inherit.
DRMS_Type_t type
 Datatype of data elements.
 Physical unit.

Detailed Description

DRMS segment info struct.

Definition at line 1176 of file drms_types.h.

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