Bitmap of HARP 1638, NOAA AR 11463

The map below shows the pixels inside the bounding box for HARP 1638 that are the data segment BITMAP for hmi.Mharp_720s[1638][2012.05.09_10:00:00_TAI]

The bounding box is as large as it is because during the HARPs disk passage it reached that maximum extent in heliographic coordinates. The maximum extent is projected to the current location. The CCD coordinates of the lower left are given by keywords CRPIX1 and CRPIX2 and the size of the box is given by CRSIZE1 and CRSIZE2.

Bitmap Values

Each pixel has a value that indicates it's status. The values are derived from the full disk instantaneous mask in hmi.Marmask_720s. Values 33 and higher are part of the HARP at this point in time.

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