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 * ~+'''[:DrmsApi:DRMS Applications Programming Interface]''' -- Descriptive information about the API developed for the underlying JSOC database, and how to code with it. Programmers should consult the JSOC Programming Documentation (below). +~
 * ~+'''[http://jsoc.stanford.edu/doxygen_html/modules.html JSOC Programming Documentation]''' -- More detailed information for users and developers of specific JSOC software programs or interfaces using the Doxygen tools. Please use the search engine there to find documentations for any API functions. +~
 * ~+'''[:DeveloperProgressReports:Developers' Weekly Progress Reports]''' -- An archive of developers' weekly progress reports +~

Welcome to the JSOC Documentation Wiki

This wiki supports documentation for the JSOC data and software system at Stanford. [http://jsoc.stanford.edu/ JSOC] is the Joint Science Operations Center for the [http://hmi.stanford.edu HMI] and [http://aia.lmsal.com AIA] instruments on the [http://sdo.gsfc.nasa.gov Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO)] mission. Intended readers are regular users of SDO data or JSOC software, or code developers of JSOC software.

Introductory Information

  • [:DataSeries:Overview of JSOC Data Series, DRMS, and SUMS] -- Learn how the data center works

  • [:JsocUsersGuide:Users Guide to JSOC] -- Basic information for all users and a good place to get started

JSOC User Information

  • [:AllAboutJsocNames: All About JSOC Names] -- Names in JSOC, Dataseries, Keywords, Namespaces, etc.

  • [:JsocDataSeriesList:JSOC Data Series Information] -- Lists of some current Data Series

  • [:JsocDataAccess:Data Access] -- How to actually get the data and/or use it in programs.

  • [:TeamMeetings:Team Meetings] -- Web resources for Team Meetings

  • [:Lev0Doc:Data Receipt and Processing] -- Information about how SDO data is received and processed

  • [:Lev1Doc:Level 1 HMI Observable Processing] -- Information about how SDO observables are made from raw data

JSOC Developer Information

  • [:JsocDevelopersGuide:Developer's Guide to JSOC] -- Detailed information for developers

JSOC Administration

  • [:JsocAdministration JSOC Administration] -- Information for management and installation of DRMS/SUMS


  • [wiki:WikiInfoPage New users of a wiki may find useful help here.]

  • Developers of THIS Wiki should see the JsocWikiAdmin page.

  • [:JsocContacts:Contacts]

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