This page is for Wiki Administration.

Help for new JsocWiki users

It can seem obtuse the first time you try to add to our Wiki. Three steps are necessary.

On the 'login' page you will find a link to UserPreferences where you can actually make changes to your preferences such as to choose your preferred "Theme" (some prefer 'classic' to the default 'modern').

How to Make a Wiki Group

A user group is a set of wiki users that share certain rights. For example, the AdminGroup is a set of users that can make administrative changes and see privileged information. Users with read-only access would not be among the members of this group. Any user can make a group. To do that, simply create a wiki page whose name ends in "Group" - e.g., ArtsFriendsGroup. Then in that page, create a list where all top-level items are the user names of people who are in the group:

#acl Art:read,write,admin,delete,revert
 * Art
 * Homer Simpson
 * Magilla Gorilla
 * Bobby Brady

In the future, you can add or remove members as needed. Make sure that when you create the list that there is only a single space before each asterisk. You'd most likely want to put an acl at the beginning of the page to restrict who can edit the list. In this example, only user Art can modify the ArtsFriendsGroup group.

Admin notes

The Admin Group is listed in the AdminGroup page. If you would like to be added to the Admin Group please contact one of the people already in the group.

Note on adding new people: In order to add a login name to the Admin Group simply add them as a list item to the AdminGroup page. There must be a single space before and after the asterisk.

The create new account link on the login page has been disabled. Superusers can create new accounts by clicking here: newaccount.

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