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== Reports ==
 * ~+'''[:SuStats: Storage Unit Status Reports]''' -- Current tables of storage unit disposition (delete pending, archive pending) +~

Welcome to the JSOC Documentation Wiki

This wiki supports documentation for the JSOC data and software system at Stanford. [http://jsoc.stanford.edu/ JSOC] is the Joint Science Operations Center for the [http://hmi.stanford.edu HMI] and [http://aia.lmsal.com AIA] instruments on the [http://sdo.gsfc.nasa.gov Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO)] mission. Intended readers are regular users of SDO data or JSOC software, or code developers of JSOC software.

Introductory Information

  • [:DataSeries:Overview of JSOC Data Series, DRMS, and SUMS] -- Learn how the data center works

  • [:JsocUsersGuide:Users Guide to JSOC] -- Basic information for all users and a good place to get started

JSOC User Information

  • [:AllAboutJsocNames: All About JSOC Names] -- Names in JSOC, Dataseries, Keywords, Namespaces, etc.

  • [:JsocDataSeriesList:JSOC Data Series Information] -- Lists of some current Data Series

  • [:JsocDataAccess:Data Access] -- How to actually get the data and/or use it in programs.

  • [:TeamMeetings:Team Meetings] -- Web resources for Team Meetings

  • [:Processing:HMI and AIA Data Products] -- Information about how SDO HMI and AIA observables are made from raw data

JSOC Developer Information

  • [:JsocDevelopersGuide:Developer's Guide to JSOC] -- Detailed information for developers

JSOC Administration

  • [:JsocAdministration: JSOC Administration] -- Information for management and installation of DRMS/SUMS


  • [:SuStats: Storage Unit Status Reports] -- Current tables of storage unit disposition (delete pending, archive pending)


  • [wiki:WikiInfoPage New users of a wiki may find useful help here.]

  • Developers of THIS Wiki should see the JsocWikiAdmin page.

  • [:JsocContacts:Contacts]

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