Stanford Solar Group Science Meetings

Wednesday, 1:30pm-2:30pm, Cypress C2 Conference Room

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Slava Sadykov

Intelligent Databases and Machine-Learning Forecast of Solar Flares


Alberto Sainz Dalda

Recovering Physical Information from the Solar Chromosphere using Machine Learning Techniques

2018/12/05 @ 4pm HEPL Seminar

Mark Cheung

Testing the Physics of Solar and Stellar Flares with NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory and Radiative MHD Simulations


Thomas Hartlep

Calculating 3-D Flow Sensitivity Kernels Using Global-Scale Wave-Field Simulations

2019/02/21 <!> Thursday <!>

Chris Mankovich

Saturn's Interior from Cassini Ring Seismology

2019/02/27 @ 3pm

Krzysztof Barczynski

Solar flare 3D MHD simulation and observations: a spatiotemporal analysis of the magnetic field, electric current density and the Lorentz force


Sasha Kosovichev

Dynamo Wave Patterns inside the Sun Revealed by Torsional Oscillations

2019/03/22 <!> Friday <!>

Tim Larson & Elaine diFalco

Inspired by the Sun; the Sonification of Solar Harmonics Project

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