HMI Space Weather and Quick-Look Browsing Products

Generally HMI space weather and quick-look browsing products are those computed in near real time from quick look SDO data. They may be used for space weather forecasting or real time monitoring and display.

They should not be used for scientific analysis, except perhaps to compare the quality of preliminary and definitive products.

HMI space weather and quick-look products will be coordinated with the Heliophysics Events Knowledge Base. These data products will complement the AIA Quick Look Browse Products

Some Current NRT and Space Weather Products

Line of Sight HARPs


ME Inversion of V


Full Disk Map of HMI Active Pixels


Continuum Intensity, Corrected for Limb Darkening


Binned Dopplergrams (200*200)



[Older material...]

This proposed list is very much in preliminary form and should not be taken as a commitment.

Each product should have a prospective user.

Comments welcome.

Magnetic Products

Other Products

Note: Not all products are produced by HMI.

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