HMI Synoptic Maps

The primary synoptic map product of HMI is the hmi.Synoptic_Mr_720s data series. From the radial synoptic maps are computed the line-of-sight synoptic maps. Low resolution maps are created from the high resolution (3600 * 1440) maps by performing a boxcar average to reduce the resolution by a factor of 5 in longitude and 4 in latitude to make maps having 720 * 360 pixels.

Definitive Radial Maps

Definitive Line-of-Sight Maps

We also make daily 'frames' that include synoptic data supplemented by a 120-degree wide swath computed using data from the current date. These are made both in radial and line-of-sight versions. The best maps are made with definitive data, but very good preliminary maps can be made in near real time.

Radial Frames

Line-of-Sight Frames

Data Series Keywords

The Keywords for any JSOC data series as defined in the JSD can be inspected using the Series Content tab of the lookdata web access tool.

General information is available for JSOC Names and Keywords.

A helpful description of WCS coordinate systems as implemented by HMI can be found here.

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