HMI Vector Magnetic Field Data - Versions and Referencing

HMI Vector Field data will be available at hmi.B_720s


If you use any HMI data please reference the following publication:

If you use the late 2011 release for AR 11158 (Version 1.0) please reference:

If you use Version 2.0 Vector Field Data please reference:

The references for VFISV and disambiguation are

References for Disambiguation are

References for HARP data are

Versions of Reduction Code

HMI Data Reduction Modules are characterized by a version number. The version number indicates how the data have been processed. The principal version keyword for HMI.B_720 is BCODEV


HMI B Version 1.0

This first release version was processed in a specialized way that was developed for individual active regions and tested for AR 11158 in February, 2011. Level 1.0 data were first released in November, 2011. Data released with this version number are described in VectorPaper. As the processing modules are improved, the data level will be incremented and documentation will be provided

HMI B Version 2.0

First Version of Full Disk Pipeline Data

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