HMI Data Series hmi.M_720s - HMI Line-of-sight Magnetograms - 720s cadence

Data Series General Description

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The 720s line-of-sight magnetograms are constructed using filtergrams from the HMI vector magnetic field series. Filtergrams are obtained with the 4096x4096 vector field camera that has 0.5 arc second pixels. The 135-second framelist collects, among others, filtergrams in right and left circular polarization at 6 wavelengths. Every 720s the circularly polarized filtergrams collected over 1215 seconds are interpolated to the proper location to account for solar rotation, corrected for known instrument characteristics, filtered to remove cosmic rays, and averaged with a tapered temporal filter.

The LCP and RCP measurements are then combined using the MDI algorithm to determine the line-of-sight component of the magnetic field.

Data Series Keywords

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