base/drms/libs/api/drms_env.h File Reference

#include "drms_types.h"

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 DRMS master table for the keywords.
 DRMS master table for links.
 DRMS master table for segments.
 DRMS master table for series.
 Table of series that are currently being replicated.
 DRMS session table.


void drms_free_env (DRMS_Env_t *env, int final)
DRMS_Env_tdrms_open (const char *host, const char *user, const char *password, const char *dbname, const char *sessionns)
long long drms_su_size (DRMS_Env_t *env, char *series)
 Return an estimate size of a storage unit for a given series in bytes.

Detailed Description

Definition in file drms_env.h.

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