base/drms/libs/api/drms_parser.h File Reference

#include "hcontainer.h"

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void drms_fprint_rec_query (FILE *fp, DRMS_Record_t *rec)
 Print to fp a query that will return the given record.
void drms_jsd_print (DRMS_Env_t *drms_env, const char *seriesname)
 Print jsd of an existing series.
void drms_jsd_printfromrec (DRMS_Record_t *rec)
 Print jsd from record.
DRMS_Record_tdrms_parse_description (DRMS_Env_t *env, char *desc)
 Parse jsd and fill in a record template.
HContainer_tdrms_parse_keyworddesc (DRMS_Env_t *env, const char *desc, int *status)
void drms_print_rec_query (DRMS_Record_t *rec)
 Same as drms_fprint_rec_query() print to stdout.
void drms_sprint_rec_query (char *querystring, DRMS_Record_t *rec)
 Same as drms_fprint_rec_query() print to string.
int parse_keywords (char *desc, DRMS_Record_t *template, HContainer_t *cparmkeys, int *keynum)
 Parse keywords in jsd and fill in a record template.

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