base/drms/libs/api/drms_segment.h File Reference

Functions to access DRMS segment data structures. More...

#include "drms_types.h"
#include "drms.h"
#include "drms_array.h"

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#define name2seg(rec, name)
#define num2seg(rec, num)


DRMS_Segment_tdrms_segment_lookupindex (DRMS_Record_t *rec, int index, int followLink)
DRMS_Segment_tdrms_template_segment_followlink (DRMS_Segment_t *srcseg, int *statret)
Create and Destroy
HContainer_tdrms_create_segment_prototypes (DRMS_Record_t *target, DRMS_Record_t *source, int *status)
HContainer_tdrms_segment_createinfocon (DRMS_Env_t *drmsEnv, const char *seriesName, int *status)
void drms_segment_destroyinfocon (HContainer_t **info)
Scaling and Blocksize
void drms_segment_autoscale (DRMS_Segment_t *seg, DRMS_Array_t *arr, double *autobzero, double *autobscale)
void drms_segment_getblocksize (DRMS_Segment_t *seg, int *blksz)
void drms_segment_setblocksize (DRMS_Segment_t *seg, int *blksz)
Read and Write
int drms_segment_fclose (FILE *fptr)
FILE * drms_segment_fopen (DRMS_Segment_t *seg, const char *newfilename, int append, int *status)
DRMS_Array_tdrms_segment_read (DRMS_Segment_t *seg, DRMS_Type_t type, int *status)
DRMS_Array_tdrms_segment_readslice (DRMS_Segment_t *seg, DRMS_Type_t type, axislen_t *start, axislen_t *end, int *status)
int drms_segment_write (DRMS_Segment_t *seg, DRMS_Array_t *arr, int autoscale)
int drms_segment_write_from_file (DRMS_Segment_t *seg, const char *infile)
int drms_segment_writeslice (DRMS_Segment_t *seg, DRMS_Array_t *arr, axislen_t *start, axislen_t *end, int autoscale)
int drms_segment_writeslice_ext (DRMS_Segment_t *seg, DRMS_Array_t *arr, axislen_t *start, axislen_t *end, int *finaldims, int autoscale)
int drms_segment_writewithkeys (DRMS_Segment_t *seg, DRMS_Array_t *arr, int autoscale)
Information and Diagnostics
void drms_segment_filename (DRMS_Segment_t *seg, char *filename)
void drms_segment_fprint (FILE *segfile, DRMS_Segment_t *seg)
void drms_segment_print (DRMS_Segment_t *seg)
int drms_segment_segsmatch (const DRMS_Segment_t *s1, const DRMS_Segment_t *s2)
long long drms_segment_size (DRMS_Segment_t *seg, int *status)
Manipulate Axes
int drms_segment_getdims (DRMS_Segment_t *seg, DRMS_SegmentDimInfo_t *di)
int drms_segment_setdims (DRMS_Segment_t *seg, DRMS_SegmentDimInfo_t *di)
DRMS_Segment_tdrms_segment_lookup (DRMS_Record_t *record, const char *segname)
DRMS_Segment_tdrms_segment_lookupnum (DRMS_Record_t *record, int segnum)

Detailed Description

Functions to access DRMS segment data structures.

See also:
drms_record.h drms_keyword.h drms_link.h drms_array.h

Definition in file drms_segment.h.

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