base/drms/libs/api/drms_server.h File Reference

#include "drms_types.h"

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#define Exit(code)
#define kExtTapegroupMaxStoreset
#define kExtTapegroupSlot


void drms_lock_server (DRMS_Env_t *env)
 Lock DRMS env.
void drms_server_abort (DRMS_Env_t *env, int final)
 Abort DRMS.
int drms_server_alloc_recnum (DRMS_Env_t *env, int sockfd)
 Server function for command code DRMS_ALLOC_RECNUM.
int drms_server_authenticate (int sockfd, DRMS_Env_t *env, int clientid)
 Send session information to the client.
int drms_server_begin_transaction (DRMS_Env_t *env)
int drms_server_close_session (DRMS_Env_t *env, char *stat_str, int clients, int log_retention, int archive_log)
 Close DRMS session.
void drms_server_commit (DRMS_Env_t *env, int final)
 Commit DRMS.
void drms_server_destroysdsem (void)
int drms_server_dropseries (DRMS_Env_t *env, int sockfd)
 Server function for command code DRMS_DROPSERIES.
int drms_server_dropseries_su (DRMS_Env_t *env, const char *tn, DRMS_Array_t *vec)
 asks SUMS to mark all SUs listed in tn as delete pending.
void drms_server_end_transaction (DRMS_Env_t *env, int abort, int final)
int drms_server_getdbuser (DRMS_Env_t *env, int sockfd)
DRMS_Shutdown_State_t drms_server_getsd (void)
sem_t * drms_server_getsdsem (void)
int drms_server_getsudir (DRMS_Env_t *env, int sockfd)
int drms_server_getsudirs (DRMS_Env_t *env, int sockfd)
int drms_server_getsuinfo (DRMS_Env_t *env, int sockfd)
long long drms_server_gettmpguid (int *sockfd)
int drms_server_getunit (DRMS_Env_t *env, int sockfd)
 Server function for command code DRMS_GETUNIT.
int drms_server_getunits (DRMS_Env_t *env, int sockfd)
void drms_server_initsdsem (void)
int drms_server_newseries (DRMS_Env_t *env, int sockfd)
 Server function for command code DRMS_NEWSERIES.
int drms_server_newslots (DRMS_Env_t *env, int sockfd)
 Server function for command code DRMS_NEWSLOTS.
int drms_server_open_session (DRMS_Env_t *env)
 Open DRMS session.
int drms_server_registercleaner (DRMS_Env_t *env, CleanerData_t *data)
int drms_server_session_setwrite (DRMS_Env_t *env, int sockfd)
int drms_server_setretention (DRMS_Env_t *env, int sockfd)
void drms_server_setsd (DRMS_Shutdown_State_t st)
int drms_server_slot_setstate (DRMS_Env_t *env, int sockfd)
 Server function for command code DRMS_SLOT_SETSTATE.
void * drms_server_thread (void *arg)
 drms server thread
void drms_server_transient_records (DRMS_Env_t *env, char *series, int n, long long *recnums)
 Add recnums of transient records to templist for future removal.
int drms_session_setread (DRMS_Env_t *env)
int drms_session_setwrite (DRMS_Env_t *env)
void * drms_signal_thread (void *arg)
 drms signal thread
void * drms_sums_thread (void *arg)
 drms sum thread
int drms_trylock_server (DRMS_Env_t *env)
 Try to lock the DRMS env.
void drms_unlock_server (DRMS_Env_t *env)
 Unlock DRMS env.


char abortstring [1024]

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