- Convert index to key value or the reverse
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index_convert [-h] index_convert ds=<seriesname> [<pkey>=
] | [<pkey>_index=<indexvalue>] index_convert {same options as above}

Index_convert converts a prime key index value to a prime key value or the reverse. The series must be slotted.

The operation is to get the template record then if the <pkey>_index aregument is present convert that value to the equivalent prime key value. If the <pkey> argument is present, i.e. no "_index" in the keyname, then the equivalent index value is computed and printed.

- optional prime key name and its test value.
JSOC flags:
DRMS common main program
The program may be used to convert a single prime key value into its equivalent index value or the reverse. The keyname provided must be for a slotted prime key in the specified series. If the seriesname is not a valid series or if the keyname is not a prime key in that series an error code is returned. The direction of the conversion is determined by the presence or absence of the "_index" suffix on the single specified keyword argument.

Example 1:
  index_convert ds=mdi.fd_V_lev18 T_REC=1996.05.01
reports: 1751040, the minute number for the given time using the proper epoch.

Example 2:

  index_convert ds=mdi.fd_V_lev18 T_REC_index=1751040
reports: 1996.05.01_00:00:00_TAI, the time of the center of the specified slot.

See also:
time_convert time_index(SOI)

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