DRMS Utilities
[Section 1. Programs, DRMS Modules, Shell Scripts]

Collaboration diagram for DRMS Utilities:


 drms_log - for each record, print the log's storage-unit path
 Query session log SU and JSOC version for given dataset names.
 drms_query - for each record specified, print the psql 'recnum' value, and optionally the record-directory path
 Query recnum for given dataset names.
 drms_server - Manages a database session and passes database requests to database from client modules
 Start a DRMS server program.
 create_series - create a new DRMS series from a .jsd file
 Create a new DRMS series from a JSOC Series Descriptor (jsd) file.
 delete_series - delete an existing DRMS series
 Delete an existing DRMS series.
 describe_series - print summary information about a series
 Print detailed structure information about a series.
 retrieve_dir - retrieve a directory from SUMS
 Retrieve a user's directory from SUMS.
 retrieve_file - retrieve a file from SUMS
 Retrieve a user's file from SUMS.
 set_info - Add or update records with new keyword or segment filename values
 set_suretention - Modify the retention time of storage units
 show_coverage - Examine data completeness of series of certain types
 show_info - Examine a dataseries structure or contents
 show_series - lists currently available DRMS series
 List DRMS dataseries names.
 store_dir - store a directory of files to SUMS
 Store arbitrary directory of files to SUMS.
 store_file - store a file to SUMS
 Store a user's file in SUMS.
 - Convert index to key value or the reverse

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