delete_series - delete an existing DRMS series
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Delete an existing DRMS series. More...

Collaboration diagram for delete_series - delete an existing DRMS series:
delete_series [-GEN_FLAGS] [-k] seriesname
Removes the data series from the DRMS database. This program SHOULD BE USED WITH GREAT CARE. The program will ask you twice to confirm that you REALLY want to remove all records. If data segments have been made and if they are marked with a large retention or are archivable, data storage will remain occupied by the unreachable data. This will be examined later and this command will be removed or modified to prevent garbage from being left behind.

Ubiquitous flags present in every module. DRMS common main program
k If set, then the SUMS files belonging to the series will not be removed.
Does not free non-archived storage units in SUMS
See also:
show_info - Examine a dataseries structure or contents create_series - create a new DRMS series from a .jsd file modify_series

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