create_series - create a new DRMS series from a .jsd file
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Create a new DRMS series from a JSOC Series Descriptor (jsd) file. More...

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create_series [-fGEN_FLAGS] jsdfile

Read a JSOC Series Definition file and create the series table in the DRMS database. By default, all series are created with public read permission, but update and insert permission for the owner only. Upon success, create_series - create a new DRMS series from a .jsd file prints out the following message:

NOTICE:  CREATE TABLE / PRIMARY KEY will create implicit index "xxyx_pkey" for table "xxyx"

-f: replace an existing series definition with the new one. Since this removes all the metadata for a series - essentially deleting the series - the user is prompted to confirm. Except for initial debugging of the .jsd file it is probably an error to use the -i: Use the jsd provided in stdin.
-f flag.
Ubiquitous flags present in every module. DRMS common main program
name=seriesname optional parameter to override seriesname in JSD file
jsdfile JSOC series definition file name
The permissions parameter has been omitted since it is presently ignored in the code. It should be restored with some method to allow marking a series private.
See also:
delete_series - delete an existing DRMS series describe_series - print summary information about a series modify_series show_info - Examine a dataseries structure or contents

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