store_file - store a file to SUMS
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Store a user's file in SUMS. More...

Collaboration diagram for store_file - store a file to SUMS:
store_file [-chvGEN_FLAGS] ds=<series_name> in=<file> 
                             [sel=<sel_text>] [note=<note_text>] 
Store an arbitrary file to SUMS. File stored with store_file - store a file to SUMS can be easily retrieved by the retrieve_file - retrieve a file from SUMS utility.

If the series series_name does not exist, store_file - store a file to SUMS will first create that series, provided that the user supplies the -c flag. If perm=1, then the series will be globally accessible, otherwise, only the user calling store_dir - store a directory of files to SUMS will have access. store_file - store a file to SUMS then creates a record in the series series_name and copies the file specified by the full path file into the record's SUMS directory (for each record there is a single SUMS directory). store_file - store a file to SUMS stores the filename part of file (ie., excludes the path) in the record's file keyword value, so that the original filename is recoverable (the actual file name in SUMS may differ from the original file name).

sel=sel_text and note=note_text allow the user to link additional information to the record to facilitate the subsequent search for file in the series. They set the record's sel and note keywords to have the values sel_text and note_text, respectively. In particular, sel can be used to differentiate between multiple calls to store_file - store a file to SUMS with the same filename part of file. series_name must contain prime keywords file and sel, and it must contain the keyword note.

Example: to store a single file:

store_file in=0000.fits ds=myseries sel=test002 note= "fits file from test002"

-c: Silently create the series series_name if it does not exist.
-h: Print usage message and exit
-v: Run in verbose mode.
DRMS common main program
series_name Specifies the series, series_name, to which the file-referring record will be added. Should a record-set specifier be provided, it will be ignored.
file Full path of the file to store. Only the filename (everything after the last '/') will be stored in the file keyword.
sel_text Contains a string that will be the value for the sel prime keyword of the record created. This extra prime keyword facilitates selection between multiple records containing equivalent values for the file keyword (it may be desirable to save files in the same directly repeatedly, or save the same file over time).
note_text An optional string that will be the value for the note keyword of the record created.

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