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ingest_from_fits [-j] [-c] {in=}<fitsfile> [ds=<seriesname>] [primekey=<primekeys>] [map=<mapfile>]
Ingest_from_fits provides tools to aid ingesting FITS files into DRMS. It can help by making a draft JSD, and optionally by creating a new series from that JSD, and/or ingesting a fitsfile into the specified series.

The program can make a JSD and exit, make and use a JSD to create a series, and/or ingest a fits file into a (possible new) series.

In the base mode with only the -j flag and a fitsfile provided, ingest_from_fits will print a draft JSD file that can be captured and editted by the user. The properly editted JSD file can then be used with create_series - create a new DRMS series from a .jsd file to generate a new DRMS dataseries that is appropriate to use when ingesting fits files like the sample used. To then actually ingest the fits file into the new series, call ingest_from_fits with the fitsfile and the seriesname passed in the ds= argument.

The draft JSD file generated does not contain a seriesname nor PrimeKey or DBindex lists. However, if the primekey= argument is provided the given <primekeys> string will be put into both the PrimeKeys and DBindex fields in the JSD. If the ds= argument is given, then the priovided <seriesname> will be put into the Seriesname field in the JSD.

Thus if both the ds= and primekey= argument are given, a complete JSD is created.

If the -c flag is given as well as the ds= and primekey= arguments, then a new series will be created with the given seriesname. If it already exists an error message is printed and the program quits.

NOTE the default JSD has no archiving and a retention time of 10 days.

If the -j flag is NOT given but the ds= argument is given then the fitsfile will be ingested into that series. If the -c flag is given then the new record will be the first record in the new series.

If in the process of generating a JSD from the fitsfile, some illegal DRMS names are found among the FITS keywords, then two lines will be printed for each such keyword. The first line will be a comment with the original FITS name and the auto-generated substitute name. Next a sample mapfile line will be provided which can be editted and included in a mapfile if desired. This second line contains first the desired DRMS name, then the name to be found in the input file (this needs to be the auto-converted name), then an action. The defualt action is "copy". If you do not want the auto-generated substitute keyword name, change the first column to the desired name AND change the matching line in the draft JSD to also have the desired name. This is the keyword mapping format also used by ingest_dsds_a and can be captured from the ingest_from_fits stdout into a mapfile. That mapfile, after possible editting, can be given to subsequent calls of ingest_from_fits to be used when ingesting fits files. The original FITS keyword will be placed into the JSD in the "note" section of the Keyword line. Then upon export via e.g. jsoc_export_as_fits the keyword will be mapped back into the original name.

When a mappped keyword is encountered in the ingest process, an action is taken depending on the value of the "action" field in the mapfile. In the present code, only the "copy" action is implemented but the place for the user to add special code for other user defined actions is marked in the code. See ingest_dsds_a for examples. The keyword list in an ingested fitsfile is inspected for illegal names even in the case where the -j flag is not given and data is simply ingested into a series. In this case the <mapfile> and any newly found bad keywords are merged with the mapfile taking precedence.

Stderr: Some output may be generated in the internal call of fitsrw_read which scans the <fitsfile> to make a list of keywords. Multiple instances of a given keyword for instance will generate information lines. Other diagnostics are also directed to stderr.

Stdout: The normal output stream is reserved for the generated JSD information and self-generated <mapfile> entries if some of the keywords need to be mapped to DRMS compliant keyrord names. If the stdout is captured into a file to be used as a JSD, then the <mapfile> lines at the end should be extracted to a separate mapfile for later use.

Example 1: To print a draft JSD file appropriate for ingesting e.g. a MDI magnetogram with the "coffee-cup sunspot":
  ingest_from_fits -j /mag//fd_M_96m_01d.001994/fd_M_96m_01d.1994.0010.fits

Example 2: To make the same JSD but with specified Seriesname and Primekeys then make a series manually:

  ingest_from_fits -j /mag/fd_M_96m_01d.001994/fd_M_96m_01d.1994.0010.fits ds=su_phil.test primekey=T_REC >pt.jsd
  create_series pt.jsd

Example 3: To ingest several fits files into the series created in example 2:

  cd /mag/fd_M_96m_01d.001994
  foreach fitsfile ( *[0-9].fits )
    ingest_from_fits ds=su_phil.test $fitsfile

Example 4: To ingest a single fitsfile into a not-yet created series, all in one command:

  ingest_from_fits -c /mag/fd_M_96m_01d.001994/fd_M_96m_01d.1994.0010.fits ds=su_phil.test primekey=T_REC


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