jsoc_info - same as show info, except that can output json and run under cgi-bin
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Data Structures

struct  requisitionStructT


#define JSOC_INFO_ASSERT(expression, msg)
#define JSONDIE(msg)


int drms_ismissing_keyval (DRMS_Keyword_t *key)
char * drms_record_getlogdir (DRMS_Record_t *rec)
void manage_userhandle (int register_handle, const char *handle)


char * INVALID
char invalidObj
ModuleArgs_t module_args []
 Global DRMS-module structure representing the default command-line arguments for a DRMS module.
char * module_name
 Global DRMS-module string providing the name of the module.
const char * userhandle

Detailed Description

Prints keyword, segment, and other information and/or file path for given recordset, designed for use as a cgi-bin program.

jsoc_info - same as show info, except that can output json and run under cgi-bin can list various kinds of information about a JSOC data series or recordset. Exactly what information gets printed is controlled by command-line arguments (see below). The output format is in json formatted text (see e.g. www.json.org). The output structure is described at: http://jsoc.stanford.edu/jsocwiki/AjaxJsocConnect.

jsoc_info [-hRoz] op=<command> ds=<record_set> [[key=<keylist>] [seg=<seglist>] [link=<linklist>]
jsoc_info QUERY_STRING=<url equivalent of command-line args above>

command Specifies the operation to be performed by jsoc_info. Commands are "series_struct" which is like "show_info -l"; "rs_summary" which is like "show_info -c"; and "rs_list" which mimics show_info normal mode returning keyword and segment information as specified in the keylist and seglist parameters.
record_set A series name followed by an optional record-set specification (i.e., seriesname[RecordSet_filter]). Causes selection of a subset of records in the series. This argument is required.
keylist Comma-separated list of keyword names. For each keyword listed, information will be displayed. Several special psuedo keyword names are accepted. These are: **ALL** means show all keywords (see show_info -a); NONE** means show no keywords; *recnum* means show the hidden keyword "recnum"; sunum* means show the hidden keyword "sunum"; size* means show the size of storage unit (bytes); online* means show the hidden keyword "online"; retain* means show retention date, i.e. date at which SUMS may remove the segment storage; archive* means show archive status, i.e. has or will SUMS write the storage unit to tape; logdir* means show the path to the processing log directory; and *dir_mtime* instructs jsoc_info to show the last modify time of the record directory in SUMS. The results are presented in arrays named "name" and "value".
seglist Comma-separated list of segment names. For each segment listed, the segment's filename is displayed. If the record directory is online the full path will be provided. If the R=1 parameter is set a "keyword" with name "online" will be set to 1 if the record files are online, or 0 if off-line. The psuedo segment names **ALL** and **NONE** result in all or no segment information being returned. Additional segment information, e.g. axis dimensions, is also provided via the key_array "dims".
linklist Comma-separated list of link names. For each link listed the links target record query is displayed. The psuedo link name **ALL** results in all links to be displayed. The default is the same as **NONE**.
See also:
show_info - Examine a dataseries structure or contents

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