int exputl_keymap_parsefile ( Exputl_KeyMap_t keymap,
FILE *  fPtr 

Parse a buffer containing FITS-keyword-name-to-EXPUTL-keyword-name mappings. The buffer, text, can contain zero or more mappings, each of the form fitsname(whitespace | ',')exputlname. Each pair of mappings must be separated by a newline character ('\n'). Comments or emtpy strings may appear between newline characters as well. If keymap is not NULL, the resulting set of mappings is used to initialize keymap.

keymap Pointer to an existing Exputl_KeyMap_t structure. Upon success, this structure will be initialzed with keyword pairs specified in text.
text Buffer containing keyword mappings.
1 if successful, 0 otherwise

Definition at line 262 of file keymap.c.

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