int int drms_link_set ( const char *  linkname,
DRMS_Record_t baserec,
DRMS_Record_t supplementingrec 

Wrapper function to facilitate the setting of links between the record of a base series and the record of a series that will provide supplementary information. In order for linked keywords and segments to be visible from a record from the series containing the link, the link must be resolved. This function establishes this connection between a single record in the series containing the link, and a single record in the supplementary series. After this link has been established, code that has a handle to the baserec record has access to keyword values and segments in the supplementingrec record. There are two types of links - dynamic links (DYNAMIC_LINK) and static links (STATIC_LINK). This code will set either kind. The linkname parameter is used to locate a link structure, which then indicates which type the link is.

linkname Name of the link described by the series definition that will be resolved
baserec The base record from the series that contains the link to the supplementary series
supplementingrec The record from the linked series that will provide keywords or segments that will be visible from the base record
A DRMS error code (as defined in drms_statuscodes.h). Possible errors include DRMS_ERROR_UNKNOWNLINK (if linkname is not a known link) and, more generally, DRMS_ERROR_INVALIDDATA (if a parameter's value is not expected).

Definition at line 201 of file drms_link.c.

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