int drms_names_parseduration ( char **  in,
double *  duration 

Converts a time-duration string (like 1d, 10s, 22.5m) into a double-precision, floating-point value. This output value is a time interval expressed as a number of seconds (with one exception, keep reading). The format of the input string is {num}{unit}, where {num} is a string that represents a floating-point number, and {unit} is a single character that represents the unit by which {num} should be interpreted. For example, "2h" should be interpreted as two hours, and given an input of "2h", this function will return a 7200.0 (for 7200 seconds). Supported values for {unit} are s (seconds), m (minutes), h (hours), d (days), or u (for slotted keywords only - unit defined by slotted-keyword unit). If {unit} is u, then the unit by which {num} should interpreted is equivalent to the unit of the slotted-keyword values. For example, if the unit of a slotted-keyword value is arcseconds, then "30u" is equivalent to 30 arcseconds.

in Pointer to the address of the input string. This function "consumes" the input string, so that, upon return, *in points to one char past the end of the input string.
duration The floating-point number of seconds (except when {unit} is u, in which case the unit of the floating-point number is determined by the unit of the slotted keyword values) returned by reference.
On error, returns 1, otherwise, returns 0.

Definition at line 92 of file durcon.c.

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