int drms_appendhistory ( DRMS_Record_t rec,
const char *  str,
int  newline 

Append a text string to the HISTORY keyword's value.

If the record rec has an HISTORY keyword, and if the HISTORY keyword has an existing non-empty-string value, the text string str will be appended to the existing text string. If the HISTORY keyword has no existing text-string value, then str will become the HISTORY keyword value.

If newline is set to 1, then prior to appending str, a newline character will be appended to an existing text-string value. If there is no existing text-string value, then newline has no effect.

rec The record whose HISTORY keyword is being modified.
str The text string to append to the HISTORY keyword.
newline If set to 1, then a newline will be appended to the HISTORY keyword's value before str is appended.
The DRMS status (see drms_statuscodes.h).

Definition at line 1455 of file drms_keyword.c.

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