Functions for working with records
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DRMS_RecordSet_tdrms_clone_records (DRMS_RecordSet_t *rs_in, DRMS_RecLifetime_t lifetime, DRMS_CloneAction_t mode, int *status)
int drms_close_records (DRMS_RecordSet_t *rs, int action)
DRMS_Record_tdrms_create_recproto (DRMS_Record_t *recSource, int *status)
DRMS_RecordSet_tdrms_open_recordset (DRMS_Env_t *env, const char *rsquery, int *status)
DRMS_Array_tdrms_record_getvector (DRMS_Env_t *env, const char *recordsetname, const char *keylist, DRMS_Type_t type, int unique, int *status)
int drms_stage_records (DRMS_RecordSet_t *rs, int retrieve, int dontwait)

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