DRMS_RecordSet_struct Struct Reference

DRMS-Record-set container. More...

#include <drms_types.h>

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Data Fields

 DRMS record-set cursor - essentially a pointer into the return set of database records.
 The environment in which this record-set was created.
int n
 Number of records in the set.
struct DRMS_Record_struct ** records
 The set of records.
int * ss_currentrecs
 Index (relative to first item in subset) of current record in each subset.
int ss_n
 The number of subsets in the set.
char ** ss_queries
 The queries that generated the subsets.
int * ss_starts
 Array of offsets to the beginning of each subset.
DRMS_RecordSetType_t * ss_types
 The query types.

Detailed Description

DRMS-Record-set container.

drms_record_ex2.c, drms_record_ex3.c, drms_record_ex4.c, and drms_record_ex6.c.

Definition at line 580 of file drms_types.h.

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