DRMS_RecSetCursor_struct Struct Reference

DRMS cursor struct. More...

#include <drms_types.h>

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Data Fields

int * allvers
 For each record-set query, 1 means there was a [! ... !] query.
int chunksize
 Chunk size.
int currentchunk
 The index of the chunk currently loaded in the record-set.
int currentrec
 The relative index of the current record in the downloaded chunk 0 <= currentrec <= chunksize.
int dontwait
 For needed staging, use this dontwait.
 DRMS session environment - needed for querying db for next chunk.
int infoneeded
int lastrec
 If -1, then there are more PG records to fetch, if >= 0, then the value is the index of the last record-set record in the current chunk.
char ** names
 Array of cursor names recognized by database query.
struct DRMS_RecordSet_structparent
 Parent recordset.
int retrieve
 For needed staging, use this retrieve.
int staging_needed
 For each record-set 1 means drms_stage_records has been called.
 The SUM_info_t *, keyed by sunum, needed when opening record chunks.

Detailed Description

DRMS cursor struct.

Definition at line 522 of file drms_types.h.

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