Release Notes for Initial Milne Eddington Inversion of HMI Magnetic Field Data (VFISV)

hmi.ME_720s_e15w1332 (click here for data) and hmi.ME_720s_e15w1332_HARP (click here for data)

These two data series contain ME inversion data processed using VFISV (details) using the codes implemented through 27 November, 2011. There are known issues with these versions of VFISV, but this remains the best ME release version as of February 27, 2012. We consider this a beta-test version of the HMI vector field inversion.

Our efforts to optimize the VFISV for the HMI data pipeline are on going, and we will create the series to fill the data processed by the newer codes when ready. The eventual pipeline code for HMI vector inversions will be different. We will announce the release of the new data through Solar News.

Temporal Coverage for These Two Series

Monthly charts show the 12-minute time slots for which the ME inversion data processed with the VFISV module are available. The coverage charts also contain the status flags of the HMI observation, thus the quality and availability of input Stokes data. See details for an explanation of the coverage charts.

Versions of VFISV in the FITS files exported at JSOC database

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