Release Notes for HMI Vector Magnetic Field Data Files for AR 11158

This page describes the data files being released for AR 11158 and provides information about how to use them. For more information about the way the data have been computed and the uncertainties in them, please refer to VectorPaper.

Update: This and additional beta-test data processed in the same way for other regions is described a ReleaseNotes2. That data is available via the standard JSOC data interface.

We have computed a 5-day time series of 12-minute cadence disambiguated vector magnetic field and associated quantities.

Description of Vector Field Cut-outs - ''hmi_test.B_720s_cutout''

This data series is in the original CCD coordinate system, virtually 'cut out' of the original full disk images. It is most appropriate for those who want to compare with other disk images and reconstruct the heliographic geometry themselves.

Description of CEA Projected and Remapped Vector Magnetic Field - ''hmi_test.B_720s_CEA''

The active region is mapped using a Lambert Cylindrical Equal Area Projection centered on the midpoint of the active region tracked at the Carrington rotation rate for the duration of the data series. This data series is most appropriate for those who wish to do modeling in a uniform geometry.

Sample Data

For those interested in surveying the data, we have provided smaller (~30MB) sample files that have data for just five times, 00:00 TAI on each of the five days. The format of each data series is the same as that described above, except that there is just one tar file for the entire data set. There is a file for the cut-out projection and another for the CEA projection. For each of the five 0:00 TAI times the cut-out tar file contains 10 fits files with the computed quantities outlined above. The CEA tar file contain for each time the same six fits files described above.

The sample.png file shows the intensity, radial component of the cut-out, and vector map of the CEA projection at each time.

Summary and Context Movies

Br Cutout

Vector Field

Vector Hedgehog



Vector Hedgehog (large)

Description of Spaceweather HMI Active Region Patches, or SHARPs

Spaceweather HMI Active Region Patches -- SHARPs

We present a new data product called Spaceweather HMI Active Region Patches, or SHARPs. SHARPs are created as follows: The HMI pipeline analysis code automatically detects active regions in the photospheric line-of-sight magnetograms and photograms. This code identifies a patch on the full-disk imagery that encompasses each active region, and then tracks every active region as it crosses the face of the disk. The vector magnetic field is determined for each patch and is available as a time series of FITS files. Many spaceweather quantities are calculated per patch after the data are remapped via Lambert equal-area azimuthal projection. The following keywords are in the SHARP series:


The HARPs are contained as DRMS linked semgents:

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