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SDO Data Access for HMI and AIA

Welcome to the Joint Science Operations Center (JSOC) HMI-AIA Science Data Processing (SDP) home. The HMI and AIA instruments on the SDO mission operate the JSOC SDP at Stanford University and the Instrument Operations Center (IOC) at Lockheed-Martin Solar and Astrophysics Laboratory.

The SDP center at Stanford University is the point of contact for access to HMI and AIA primary observable datasets. The SDP is also the home of most HMI processing and access to higher level HMI data products. Higher level AIA processing is performed at the LMSAL JSOC-AVC (AIA Visualization Center) which also houses JSOC IOC.
Additional information may be found at: The HMI  home page; The AIA  home page; The EVE  home page; And the SDO  page.

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Access to JSOC Data

Access to JSOC Data

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