Welcome to the JSOC Users Guide

This guide contains information of interest to all users of the JSOC software. Information for making new software is in the Developers Guide.

Getting Started

Welcome to the Solar Dynamics Observatory Helioseismic and Magnetic Imager and Atmospheric Imaging Array Joint Science Operations Center Data Record Management System and Storage Unit Management System online document tools.

I.e. SDO HMI/AIA JSOC DRMS/SUMS online document tools.

If you only want to use some JSOC programs you will need to do the steps described in 'Initial Steps' and be familiar with the topics below down through the 'JSOC Man Pages (man 1)' sections below. Basic unix/linux familiarity is assumed. The following is intended for persons who will be working on JSOC and with its data regularly. If you have a user account at SDO, you may find you need to use JSOC programs such as "show_keys" and "create_series". To set up your user environment, please follow the instructions below. If you are a JSOC software developer, you may have some different needs from regular users, as noted below.

Initial Steps

These steps are to setup access to run or create programs in the JSOC-SDP environment.

OK, now that you are a JSOC user or developer, try these Sample Commands.

General Information

DRMS Data Series

JSOC Programs

DRMS Man Pages

JSOC Data Access

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